Rangpur to Dinajpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

If you need to travel from Rangpur to Dinajpur, you can select a train as a substitute for other public transport comfortable journeys. Right here, we’ve included all the crucial info on your journey together with the Rangpur to Dinajpur train schedule and ticket price. All this info has been up to date as per the discovery of the Bangladesh Railway.

Rangpur to Dinajpur Train Schedule

There is one intercity train on the Rangpur to Dinajpur route. Right here are the details about Rangpur to Dinajpur intercity trains. A number of mail and intercity trains run to this railway route. Rangpur to Dinajpur intercity train schedule list is given below.

Train NameDepartureArrivalOff Day
Dolonchapa Express (767)15:4717:47Sunday

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Rangpur to Dinajpur Train Ticket Price

If you happen to resolve this Rangpur to Dinajpur route on this journey, it’s essential to acquire a buy ticket first. So, select your seat class based on your expectations and the price of the ticket. Right here is the updated listing for Rangpur to Dinajpur train ticket price.

Seat ClassesTicket Price (15% VAT)
Shovon70 Taka
Shovon Chair80 Taka
First Seat127 Taka

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Final Word

That is all about Rangpur to Dinajpur train schedule and ticket price. If you need to know the details about your return route. Be happy to contact us if in case you have any additional questions on this. Thanks a lot for being with us.

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