Mitali Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Mitali Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price: The Mitali Express is an international train of Bangladesh Railway services. That Mitali international train runs between Dhaka Cantonment station to New Jalpaiguri railway station. The Mitali Express train runs between the New Jalpaiguri to Dhaka and Dhaka to New Jalpaiguri route. If you want to journey on this trackway by the Mitali Express, then this article will make it easier.

Mitali Express Train Schedule

The Mitali Express train (3131 & 3132) will depart time from the New Jalpaiguri railway station at 11:45 (IST) and arrive time Dhaka Cantonment at 22:30 (BST) on daily basis. The Mitali Express return departure time from Dhaka Cantonment at 21:50 (BST) on daily basis and arrival time at New Jalpaiguri at 07:15 (IST) within on duty. Also, see the Mitali Express train schedule chart below.

Station NameDepartureArrivalOn Day
New Jalpaiguri to Dhaka Cantonment11:45 (IST)22:30 (BST)Sunday & Wednesday
Dhaka Cantonment to New Jalpaiguri21:50 (BST)07:15 (IST)Monday & Thursday

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Mitali Express Train Stoppage Stations

When The Mitali Express train travels from Dhaka Cantonment station to New Jalpaiguri station. It is among the quickest and most luxurious international trains in Bangladesh. It’s Mitali express train stopped at many stations like these station’s names are listed below.

Station NameUp Time (3131)Down Time (3132)
Haldibari12:55-13:05 (IST)06:00-06:05 (IST)
Chilahati13:55-14:25 (BST)05:45-06:15 (BST)

Mitali Express Train Ticket Price

The Mitali Express train has many kinds of seat classes. These are Shevon Chair, First seat, and AC Seat. The Mitali Express train ticket prices are based mostly on their high quality. See the Mitali Express train ticket price below the chart and select one for you.

Seat ClassesTicket Price (15% VAT)
AC Chair2705 Taka
AC Seat3805 Taka
AC Berth4905 Taka

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Final Word

Earlier than beginning your journey, you’ve gotten to pay attention to your security. I attempted to add particular details about the Mitali Express train schedule and ticket price. If you happen to wanna know more information about this Mitali Express international train please leave a comment below within the following.

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  1. Please reply my below asking.
    1.AC chair 2705 Tk. Is that included with Vat.
    2. Also Should I have pay travel cost also. Please inform.
    3. Is the mandatory that I have to return by train also.

  2. Is there online ticket booking for NJP to dhaka? Can i ask my friend in dhaka to book a ticket for me from NJP to dhaka ( providing my passport nd visa copy).

    • I think you will be better off buying train tickets from India. Bangladesh may not give train tickets that way. And in Bangladesh international train tickets are not sold online.

      • Thankyou. There are lots of nepalese student from different parts of nepal travelling this route to dhaka.It would be better if online booking is available.the passengers far from the border area would be more benefited by online booking.

  3. Dear admin
    thanks for your prompt feedback.
    I bought a chair class ticket for 2,955 and my journey date October-2022. My question is:
    Is the travel tax included in my ticket price or not? If not, how I can pay this tax?

  4. Regarding Mitali Express (Dhaka-New Jalpaiguri with return)-
    My daughter is 5 years 2 months. Is it mandatory to purchase ticket for her Or she can be seated on parents lap?

    • It depends on your choice. If you think the child will sit in your seat then there is no problem. And if you think the child will travel comfortably, then you can buy a seat.


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